Flourish, Flourish in All Seasons, Goals

Small Seeds of Faith & April Goals

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin”. Zechariah 4:10

So much growth happens in the quiet, consistent, and unseen moments of our lives. Small seeds of obedience that when tended well grow into a flourishing life.

This season I’m saying yes to

  • walks around the block
  • watching the sunrise
  • meditating on scripture
  • vulnerable prayers
  • whole foods
  • yoga
  • sauna time

And yet, we focus on the big and flashy blooms and how to get them to grow as patiently as possible.

As I type this it’s snowing…yes in April apparently Winter hasn’t left the midwest yet. And while the rest of the world is celebrating the signs of Spring, oh the glorious daffodils and lilacs that are right around the corner.

And as much as my heart longs for the warmth and sunshine of spring, I’m finding ways to delight in this day. To let go of the comparison and make small steps toward the life I want to live.

Favorite March Moments:

Worshiping, learning, and being filled at If: Gathering with dear friends.
Jumping in ALL the puddles with Liv (and PLENTY of outdoor time)
My favorite new scone recipe: Blueberry Chamomile Scones

Blooms, adventures, and WI “castle” photo shoots. More photos to come!

April Goals

  • Bike tune-up and get ready for SPRING!
  • Plan my HOME gardens (build a new raised bed for all the dahlias)
  • SRT Armor of God study
  • Celebrate Spring & make memories with family and friends (hot cross buns, Easter eggs, A & V birthdays, J&M birthdays…)

Weekly Action Items

  • Delight Date (Friday afternoon/evening)
  • Dog Park
  • Yoga (hot yoga or YMCA)

Daily Habits

Flourish, Flourish in All Seasons, Goals

Embracing the Transition

In March winter is holding back and spring is pulling forward. Something holds and something pulls inside of us too.

Jean Hersey

It’s the early days of Spring here in the Midwest, one day we are firing up the grills for a summer-like 60-degree day, and the next we are pulling out the shovels and snowblowers for a Winter storm.  It’s a season of anticipation, of tension between the stillness of Winter and the hope of Spring.

It’s in these early days that I begin to shed off my Winter koselig, hibernation mode, and plant good seeds for the year ahead.  The itch to refresh daily rituals, clean out the closet, begin new habits, and buy countless houseplants is STRONG!  It’s as if a part of me that has been asleep all winter stretches, shakes off the cozy blanket, and is ready to go.  That is what a season of deep rest and refreshment will do, make you excited for new life.

And yet, as excited as I am about the delight of daffodils, crocus, robins,  of Springtime, it’s also a season of mourning the solitude, silence, and all-around coziness of Winter.  That is what I love so much about March in Wisconsin, we get both AND in this season.  We get the anticipation and hope of Spring and still a few more quiet, days to cozy up with loved ones and read a good book in front of the fire. And to be honest, it wasn’t always this way, March has always been my least favorite month of the year. The MUD. The FREEZING MUD. The COLD. The SNOW….did I mention the MUDDY SNOW?

 It’s the time where I long for a beach cottage to run away too…to escape every dayness of the season.  The brown muck, barren trees, icicles, and barren life not quite beginning to emerge and yet holding so much beauty deep within.

I’m still learning to embrace and find joy in this in-between Season.  To savor the good days with long walks, my face turned towards the sun soaking up vitamin D and listening to the birds.  I’ve learned to heave a sigh of relief when the 2’’ of snow is forecasted over the weekend.  Spring and all her growth and newness can wait just a few more days.  To put a pot of soup on and pull out the sourdough starter to enjoy cozy days and to harness the urge to clean out the closets on those dreary days. Because my friends, no matter how long Winter is, Spring is sure to follow.

March 2022 Goals

  • Coffee shop Bucket List
  • Read: Winning the War in your Mind and Keeping Place
  • Spring Wardrobe Refresh
  • Writing Day: Download Spring Flourish Content

Weekly Action Items:

  • Delight Date (new coffee shop, florist, museum, antiques, painting,…)
  • Posy Obedience Class
  • Sabbath Well (Saturday PM-Sunday PM)

Daily Habits

  • SRT Lent Study + AM pages
  • Posy Training
  • Get Outside
Flourish, Goals

Highlights of 2021 + My Fave Reads

2021 was a year of growth, grit, God’s goodness, and heaps of grace. There were long & hard days, and weeks that flew by in a blink. There was a LOT of laughter and tears. And yet, I wouldn’t trade the lessons learned or memories made. It’s through the good, hard days that I’m constantly reminded that life is a great adventure.

My 2021 Christmas Card

At the end of each year, I like to reflect on my favorite memories and put together a photo collage. Usually, this collage makes it’s way to my Christmas card…but this year’s card was a bit more floral themed…no surprise there!

So, before we jump into the new year & new rhythms, I wanted to share the highlights of 2021 including favorite blooms, books, and adventures!!

Favorite Memories of 2021

Favorite Memory:

Any and all Aunt Emmie and Livi Adventures. My favorites included watching her explore the gardens and eat waaay to many tomatoes, baking goodies to deliver to family and friends, and laughing our way through the Pumpkin patch.

Favorite New Habit:

This fall I started going to the Nashotah Dog park with Posy pup. Little did I know that I would discover a new community of dog-lovers and adventure seekers. I’ve learned so much from ways to save $$ on dog supplies to the best harness for “enthusiastic” pups. The bonus is I get a nice walk and Posy is always tuckered out when we get home!

Favorite Adventure:

Nothing could beat my mom and I’s trip to Magnolia and Waco, TX in March. We literally went from a canceled trip to rebooking everything in 4 hours. It was an inspiring and so life-giving place to be!

Soaking Up the Sunshine at Magnolia’s Seed and Sale greenhouse

Favorite Flower:

Be still my bloom-loving heart. 2021 was FOR SURE the year of the dahlias. I grew so many dahlia tubers from seed this year, thanks to Floret Farms. I planted their Discovering Dahlia and Bee’s Choice mix last February, and it was a delight to watch the seedlings grow over the season and then finally bloom!

Favorite Recipe Cookbook:

A few friends and I have been slowly cooking our way through Erin French’s “The Lost Kitchen”. After binge-watching the 1st Season on Magnolia Network I admit to being a fan-girl whole heartedly! This year the rhubarb skillet cake was my go-to recipe to bring. It was equally delicious with stewed apples in the fall. You can check out the recipe here…or better yet grab a copy of The Lost Kitchen;-)

Favorite Reads:

A Minute to Think by Juliet Fundt

Wintering by Katherin May

The Hard Good by Lisa Whittle

Sacred Rest by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Discovering Dahlias by Erin Benzikien

I’ll be sharing my 2022 goals soon, they are still simmering a bit. This last week, while cozied up at our cottage, I read a quote that resonated deeply with me

Maybe we would be better served moving gently into January with grace, hop, and a steaming cup of tea.

Beth Kempton

My hope for you friend is that wherever you are reading this you find yourself savoring the first few days of the new year with a giant cup of tea and heaps of grace.

Flourish in All Seasons, Goals

10 Years of Cultivating What Matters

It’s launch day for Cultivate What Matter’s Powersheets. And if you have been around here for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of their intentional tool Powersheets. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary (and 9 years of me using Powersheets!)

I took a quick look at the good I’ve grown since 2011, 10 lessons I’ve learned from the last 10 years.

In the last 10 years I’ve learned…

1. To dream big, embrace the unknown, and step forward into an unexpected calling.

Zachariah’s Acres – Fall 2011
Ribbon (Vine…ha!) Cutting Ceremony – October 2014
Embracing my inner chicken lady- Spring 2020

2. To savor and make time for margin, joy, rest, and adventure.

Making Things Happen Conference – April 2017
Return to Rest Retreat – Winter 2015
Koselig Cottage- My happy place and favorite location to rest.

3. Real, meaningful community take work and are worth every single minute.

4. Life is a great adventure, both near and far. Take a leap and step out of your comfort zone.

NYC Trip – 2018
Paddling in my Pink Kayak in all the rivers, lakes, and ponds!

5. Hospitality doesn’t need to be Pinterest perfect, you just need to be present and create a space for your people to be.

Spring Brunch in my cozy cottage – Spring 2017
Blooms and Bubbly to celebrate 35! Summer 2020

6. We are always learning, always growing, & always trying new things. It’s okay to be bad at something, keep stepping out in faith and do the messy, hard, and brave work of creating.

My FIrst Watercolor – Summer 2018
Painting in my happy place, on the porch at the cottage – Summer 2021

7. Embrace the season you are in. God has given you gifts and a heart for what matters, don’t shy away from it but lean into your calling. (1 Peter 2:9 for more inspiration)

8. Delight in God’s creation, make time to quiet your heart and learn from Him. Good things grow in the garden, our souls are nourished in the garden.

9. There is JOY and deep contentment in embracing this current season. He is listening to your prayers, trust, wait, and take heart for what he has given you right now. Real contentment comes from embracing where you are and having hope for the future.

10. A simple life is good, beautiful, and true. Slow living and an unhurried life is worth fighting for. (also, when in doubt have an impromptu photo shoot with armloads of flowers!)

Flourish, Goals

Grace Spaces & October Goals

Posy living her best life in the Flower Garden

September started off strong with sunshine, time in the garden, lots of puppy snuggles, and a trip to southern Wisconsin for a wedding. So many good memories that first week of September, and then I got sick…

The rest of the month became a chance to receive grace, rest, and healing. Instead of celebrating the harvest season, adventures with family and friends, and soaking up the last few days of Summer; I rested, napped, and recovered. Being sick has always been my personal “classroom”, a place where I learn about myself and surrender my expectations.

Lots of time spent on the porch resting and soaking up the Vitamin D.

And I always come back to the same lesson; we are more than what we accomplish or do. There is much more to life than hustling so hard it takes sickness to slow you down. It’s a lesson I have been learning too often as of late, but in His grace God is a gentle teacher.

The flower garden is ALIVE with beauty right now!

So my friends, if you find yourself in an unexpected classroom of life, don’t give up or be discouraged. The Creator of the Universe is waiting for you with open arms to give you rest. Rest, forced or chosen, doesn’t come easy. Yet when we carve out time to lie down (on the inside as well as the outside) it is a space of grace and goodness, especially in the times of uncertainty. And I think we all could use some grace these days.

October Goals:

Monthly Action Items

  • Prepare for Koselig Retreat (End of the Month)
  • Frostmas Celebration Meal
  • Clean up the Gardens (Home and ZA)
  • Make Applesauce!

Weekly Action Items

  • Support my immune system with salt room or sauna!
  • Fall hike and/or dog park.
  • hope*writers circle (Fridays)
  • One-on-One time with Family/Friends

Daily Habits

  • Journal (mid-day reset)
  • Gratitude before bed
  • Nourish my body (good food and move!)
Flourish, Goals

Do the Next Thing + September Goals

Happy September my friends!

This time of year is one of abundance. The “slow” days of Summer suddenly shift to new rhythms and routines of the Fall. Whether you have kiddos, work at a school, work with a school, know kids, or are simply human I bet you are feeling the pressure of this new Season.

When I try to do it all perfectly, I fall short/get frustrated and it all comes tumbling down. Quite simply Fall is a time to refresh rhythms, take a hard look at routines, and be ruthless about chasing what matters (to you!)

In this season, I know that I am unable to do it all perfectly, but I can do the next right thing. Many years ago I heard this poem read by Elisabeth Elliot, as a reminder to do the next thing and trust that God has the future in his hands.

Many a questioning, many a fear,
Many a doubt, hath its quieting here.
Moment by moment, let down from Heaven,
Time, opportunity, and guidance are given.
Fear not tomorrows, child of the King,
Trust them with Jesus, do the next thing

Do it immediately, do it with prayer;
Do it reliantly, casting all care;
Do it with reverence, tracing His hand
Who placed it before thee with earnest command.
Stayed on Omnipotence, safe ‘neath His wing,
Leave all results, do the next thing.

Looking for Jesus, ever serener,
Working or suffering, be thy demeanor;
In His dear presence, the rest of His calm,
The light of His countenance be thy psalm,
Strong in His faithfulness, praise and sing.
Then, as He beckons thee, do the next thing.

Before I share my simple September goals, here were my highlights from August!

Morning quiet times on the porch at Koselig Cottage.
Road trips, ice cream, and fun with these friends!
Queen Lime series zinnias…all the heart eyes for these beauties!
Much needed cousin time & celebrating Amanda + Quinn!
Puppy piles for my Friday afternoon
The cutest little joy bug…meet my new pup POSY!

September Goals:

Monthly Action Items

  • Celebrate with Family (A+Q, Olivia, Evelyn)
  • Refreshed Fall rhythms & routines (ZA and Home)
  • Late Summer Photo Shoot
  • Read: Chasing Perfect and The Lazy Genius Way

Weekly Action Items

  • Sabbath (Saturday evening – Sunday evening)
  • Connect with local community (family and friends)
  • Life group/worship

Daily Habits

Do not do more today than you can completely recover from by tomorrow.

Greg McKeown

Inspired by “Effortless” by Greg McKeown, my daily “habit” this month is just one. To simplify, slow down, and not over do it. There will be days that are full and abundant, but that means the next day my priorities might look very different.

My September goals and rhythms are simple and life-giving. I’ve found in seasons of transitions, the best is to get back to basics. May you focus on what matters and find joy in the new season!

Flourish, Flourish in All Seasons, Goals

Savor Summer & August Goals

I’ve been pretty quiet around here. Part of it has been intentional, the other part just life. Summer is always a full season, but this year it’s seem more abundant than I could have ever imagined. There has been days full of challenges, countless growing opportunities, afternoons of delight and joy, and numerous opportunities to steward this life I’ve been given well.

Earlier this Summer (Memorial Day weekend road trip to Koselig Cottage) I re-read/listened to Shauna Niequest’s book Present over Perfect. I haven’t read it since 2016 when it first came out, and had forgotten what solid, beautiful truths are tucked away in this quick and easy read.

Let’s live lightly, freely, courageously, surrounded by what brings joy simplicity, and beauty.

Shauna Niequist

This quote, is really more of a manifesto to life, it had me saying amen and wanting to do a happy dance in my car. YES, this is the way I want to live. Not just this Summer but all year round.

Instead of doing all the things, saying yes to every gathering I’m invited to, and getting one more to-do accomplished I’ve wanted to Savor Summer. I will admit that I’ve been farm from perfect in this. There have been weeks and days that have tested my limit. Times I’ve felt far more heavy, weighted, small, and plain burnt out.

But, then there have been the cool mornings on the back porch, Friday afternoons by the lake, floral photo shoots, and delicious dinners with friends. And maybe, just maybe, that is okay. A big piece of living freely and lightly is letting go of expectation, to embrace what is.

So before I share my August goals, I want to celebrate my favorite Savor Summer meories.

West Palm Beach trip to celebrate my Cousin’s Wedding.
Unwinding in the evenings with frothy fiction (or non-fiction) and bubbly. My favorite reads this year have been Very Sincerely Yours , People You Meet on Vacation, and Sacred Rest.
Any excuse to eat “i-ceam” with Livie by the Lake. Yay for Mullen’s in my hometown!
Capturing all the dahlia seedlings from Floret mixes!
Impromptu waterfall picnics and visits to Koselig Cottage.

August 2021 Goals

Monthly Action Items:

  • Prepare for Posy (deep clean floors, puppy check-list, set up her home,…)
  • Celebrate 36 with JOY!
  • Summer Personal Retreat
  • Read: Effortless and Sacred Rest.

Weekly Action Items:

  • Summer adventure.
  • Friday AM refresh and weekly preview
  • Yoga and/or swim 2X.
  • Connect with local community.
  • Prepare simple, nourishing meals.

Daily Habits:

  • Write the Word Wisdom (on back porch)
  • Track food and movement
  • HYDRATE (Cure and also 64 oz)
  • Savor my garden.

Flourish in All Seasons, Goals

What Needs Tending & May Goals

Last evening, I spent some extra time in my home gardens planning and dreaming. It was a welcome respite after a day of office work and catching up. In the early Spring, I typically spend so much time planting gardens at ZA that my home gets the leftovers.

Last year I literally planted whatever seeds or plants were left at the end of May…it was a a hodge podge of flowers, veggies, and a few herbs.  It was beautiful, messy, chaotic, and kinda random (in a good way!).

This year, I am tending to my home garden first.  It’s going to be simple with just zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, dahlias, and herbs.  Those are my favorites and the ones that bring me the most joy. I’m letting go of the ideas of anything else and just embracing the simplicity.

I can’t help but reflect on how much I do this in my life too.  One thing gets all the focus and energy (work, family, health..) that little is left for the rest of life. When I spend all my time and energy only focusing on one area of my life, I end up neglecting the whole person I’ve been created and called to be. 

There are seasons when work or family absolutely needs to take a heavier focus. But, when we get so side tracked on that one thing the other areas of life are neglected, something needs to change.

So friend, this is me encouraging you to look at all the areas of your life (spiritual, physical, relational, vocational, emotional…) and see what might need a little bit of extra tending right now. 

I’m choosing to focus on my health in this season with intentional movement, nourishing foods, and limiting sugar.  I want to have energy and capacity for what is in store and this area has been neglected over the past year. 💕☕️🌱

May 2021 Goals

Monthly Action Items:

  • Plant and mulch home gardens (roses, flowers, herbs,…)
  • Celebrate May Birthdays and Mother’s Day
  • Rest well at Koselig Cottage for Memorial Day

Weekly Action Items:

  • Swim/Yoga/Hike
  • Sauna/Salt
  • Connect with a life-giving friend.
  • Lifegroup or Bible Study

Daily Habits:

  • Hit steps goal.
  • AM/PM ritual.
  • Mid-Day walk or pause.
  • Get in those greens.
  • Fill out Full Focus Planner.

Flourish in All Seasons, Goals

These are The Days of…and April Goals

Happy April my friends!

It’s sunny here in the midwest and I’m feeling all the Spring vibes- a fresh start and new season. This year one of my goals is to capture and enjoy the every day, glorious in the mundane. I typically will only record the monumental, big events and if 2020 taught me anything it is that there is beauty in the everyday.

I’ve been doing this by recording in my The Next Right Thing guided journal each Saturday morning. One of my favorite rhythms has been capturing my “These are the days of” list… It’s a chance to reflect on the previous week/month/season and prepare to start fresh. A big part of living well is making time to reflect on where you have been.

Questions to reflect on…

  • What brought you joy?
  • What was beautiful?
  • What was ordinary?
  • What was an regular rhythm?
  • What made you grow?
  • What did you learn?
  • What do you want to remember?

So, before I jump into my April goals I wanted to capture a list of the beauty and joy I lived during the month of March.

These are the Days of…

Soul-care and breathing space.
Puzzles and Yooper Charcuterie
Planting thousands of seeds and hundreds of dahlias (117 and counting)…

Laughter and trying to adjust to DST 😉
The reminder that Spring always breaks through after the Winter.
Of heartache and hope for this world…
Blooms, upon blooms, upon blooms.
Chasing sunshine and adventure.
The First “deck date” of the year…even if I brought a blanket

April Goals

Monthly Action Items

Weekly Rhythms

  • Swim and Sauna (yay for the sauna reopening!!)
  • Weekly Examen
  • Greenhouse therapy
  • Media-Free Monday
  • Walk or Coffee with a friend

Daily Habits

  • Hit steps goal
  • H20 before coffee
  • Write the Word-Gospels

Flourish, Flourish in All Seasons, Goals

A Poem to Inspire and March 2021 Goals

Dust If You Must by Rose Milligan

Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better
To paint a picture, or write a letter,
Bake a cake, or plant a seed;
Ponder the difference between want and need?

Dust if you must, but there’s not much time,
With rivers to swim, and mountains to climb;
Music to hear, and books to read;
Friends to cherish, and life to lead.

Dust if you must, but the world’s out there
With the sun in your eyes, and the wind in your hair;
A flutter of snow, a shower of rain,
This day will not come around again.

Dust if you must, but bear in mind,
Old age will come and it’s not kind.
And when you go (and go you must)
You, yourself, will make more dust.

Last weekend I discovered this simple and poignant poem. It’s reminder that as much as I enjoy a beautiful home, I would rather spend my time creating a beautiful life.

And yet, it’s often the little acts of preparation and work that help us prepare well and enjoy a season. Small actions done with intention and consistency free us up to live a life we love.

My goals for this upcoming month center around preparing well for Spring. Spring is a busy time for me with travel plans (finally!), planting all the seeds in the garden, hosting friends for IF: Gathering and so many other fun things.

In order to flourish and truly enjoy this Spring, there are some house-keeping things that help make my life run smoothly. Even as a single woman, I find when I make time on Sundays to prepare healthy meals, tidy up my home, reflect on the week prior, and invest in my physical and emotional health. I’m so much more present with the people in my life.

February 2021 Recap

First Seeds of Spring Planted (and they are growing like wildfires…I mean wildflowers 😉 )
Olivia came to stay and is now taking over my office…there is a new boss lady in town.
I did a closet DEEP DIVE and sold or gave away 5 bags of unwanted items! I feel so much more free.
I gathered with a few friends to celebrate “Galentines Day” and exchange our favorite things.
$2.99 roses were a gift after a long week of illness and cold dreary WI days.

March 2021 Goals

Monthly Action Items:

Plan home gardens

Complete Floret Workshop!

Host If: Gathering at Koselig Cottage

Contentment Challenge Reset

Clean up (2) areas of basement (canning and seasonal home decor)

Soak up MAGNOLIA vacay

Weekly Action Items:

No TV Monday-Saturday!

Share a meal with local community.

Meal prep on Sunday.

Weekly reflection (examen & Next Right Thing Journal).