Nourishment for Your Soul.

Grace-Full Rhythms: Sabbath

Growing up our family prioritized church and family on Sundays. I remember the house being so quiet and still after Sunday lunch, because everyone was napping. It was the perfect time for me to sneak away into my room and devour whatever book I was reading at the time. I would look forward to those… Continue reading Grace-Full Rhythms: Sabbath

Grace-Full Rhythms: Rule of Life

Self-care is more than green smoothies, long baths, and massages. Those are all good things, but they are not everything. Our self-care rhythms are not what fix us, instead they help us push aside distractions and open our hearts to our Creator. In my previous post I defined grace-filled self-care as: Grace·filled self·care //  rhythms we… Continue reading Grace-Full Rhythms: Rule of Life

November Goals

It’s the last Friday of the month, and I spent the morning reflecting on the past month and working on November goals. It’s been a month full of uncharted territory, change, surrender, and unexpected gifts. I stumbled upon this quote from William Virgil Davis this past week and it captured my exact sentiments for this… Continue reading November Goals

Grace-Full Self-Care

I’m a classic ENFJ, extrovert, Enneagram 2W3, and personality test geek;-) I think that personality profiles can be amazing tools to help us grow. Sometimes I read the profile, mems, or articles and feel truly seen and understood. Other times I have no idea what they are even talking about. Regardless of what the latest… Continue reading Grace-Full Self-Care

Open Hands and A Surrendered Heart

When I chose abundant for my word of 2020, I imagined grand adventures, bold steps of faith, and audacious goals. But instead, this year has been more about letting go than receiving abundance. I’ve released and revised plans and expectations. I’ve surrended dreams and desires…again and again. I’ve mourned the hate and disunity that is… Continue reading Open Hands and A Surrendered Heart

October Goals

Friends! How is it already October? September is a month of abundance for me and every year I look forward to it with equal parts dread and anticipation. It’s a season of abundance in the gardens, long and good days of hard work, back to school rhythms, and just the adventures of life. It’s also… Continue reading October Goals

Nourish – Grow – Bloom

It has been such a joy sharing my heart here on my site and in real life. I’m continually encouraged to see how God uses my words to draw others closer to Him. One thing I’m continually asked about is the tag-line “Nourish. Grow. Bloom”. You don’t have to know me long to see that… Continue reading Nourish – Grow – Bloom


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