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10 Years of Cultivating What Matters

It’s launch day for Cultivate What Matter’s Powersheets. And if you have been around here for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of their intentional tool Powersheets. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary (and 9 years of me using Powersheets!)

I took a quick look at the good I’ve grown since 2011, 10 lessons I’ve learned from the last 10 years.

In the last 10 years I’ve learned…

1. To dream big, embrace the unknown, and step forward into an unexpected calling.

Zachariah’s Acres – Fall 2011
Ribbon (Vine…ha!) Cutting Ceremony – October 2014
Embracing my inner chicken lady- Spring 2020

2. To savor and make time for margin, joy, rest, and adventure.

Making Things Happen Conference – April 2017
Return to Rest Retreat – Winter 2015
Koselig Cottage- My happy place and favorite location to rest.

3. Real, meaningful community take work and are worth every single minute.

4. Life is a great adventure, both near and far. Take a leap and step out of your comfort zone.

NYC Trip – 2018
Paddling in my Pink Kayak in all the rivers, lakes, and ponds!

5. Hospitality doesn’t need to be Pinterest perfect, you just need to be present and create a space for your people to be.

Spring Brunch in my cozy cottage – Spring 2017
Blooms and Bubbly to celebrate 35! Summer 2020

6. We are always learning, always growing, & always trying new things. It’s okay to be bad at something, keep stepping out in faith and do the messy, hard, and brave work of creating.

My FIrst Watercolor – Summer 2018
Painting in my happy place, on the porch at the cottage – Summer 2021

7. Embrace the season you are in. God has given you gifts and a heart for what matters, don’t shy away from it but lean into your calling. (1 Peter 2:9 for more inspiration)

8. Delight in God’s creation, make time to quiet your heart and learn from Him. Good things grow in the garden, our souls are nourished in the garden.

9. There is JOY and deep contentment in embracing this current season. He is listening to your prayers, trust, wait, and take heart for what he has given you right now. Real contentment comes from embracing where you are and having hope for the future.

10. A simple life is good, beautiful, and true. Slow living and an unhurried life is worth fighting for. (also, when in doubt have an impromptu photo shoot with armloads of flowers!)

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