Open Hands and A Surrendered Heart

When I chose abundant for my word of 2020, I imagined grand adventures, bold steps of faith, and audacious goals. But instead, this year has been more about letting go than receiving abundance.

I’ve released and revised plans and expectations.

I’ve surrended dreams and desires…again and again.

I’ve mourned the hate and disunity that is tearing our world apart.

I’ve cried out in frustration asking for answers and affirmation of what I heard Him whisper in the earliest days of 2020.

But God, in his infinite wisdom and grace has shown me that true abundance begins with less. In seasons of pruning and stripping away, God is clearing the ground for new growth.

The literal translation of the word abundance to mean…”a very large quantity of something.” However, a deeper dive reveals another layer of the meaning, one that resonates more deeply in my heart. “plentifulness of the good things of life”.

Just typing that out brings a smile to my face. When I think ponder what a life of plentifulness of the good things of life I see…

a close knit, small community

actually knowing my neighbors

family that loves unconditionally

margin and space to dream and breathe

unhurried time with those I love

enjoyment of God’s creation…in every Season

slow and simple living

Back in March when COVID was just hitting the US, we were recommended to gather in groups of not more than 10 people. I was struck by a quote by Jennie Allen “It’s hard to be seen in a room of 100, but not in a room of 10”. Several months later that quote has stuck with me. Abundance isn’t always more, bigger, better. True abundance begins with a spacious place to be truly seen and known.

Abundance is gathering with your people and saying the things that scare you. Abundance is stepping into the unknown with faith that God will direct your steps. Abundance is having the courage to say no and create space to do that hard work of healing. Abundance is creating space for good things to grow. Abundance means living out your day, week, year and life with open hands and a surrendered heart.

Your spacious place and list of “good things” might look completely different from mine, but I encourage you to take a few minutes today and reflect on where God is leading you today.

What would abundance look like in your current season? How is God working in your heart and live to create space for what matters?

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