Flourish Friday – July 31st

Happy Friday!

This week has blown by in a whirl-wind of Summer adventures and hard work. Now is the time of year when the abundance of the garden & preparation for Fall threaten to overwhelm me. When the days are short but the weeks feel long, I can focus on the negative or what could improve instead of looking for the delight in each day. Needless to say, I’ve needed lots of iced tea and pep-talks this week to point me back to the truth that we can do what is placed before us little by little (and with a heaping of His grace). So in that spirit, here are the good things of this week.

Currently Adventuring:

Our Carlson crew adventured to the lavender farm this past weekend was so much fun. It was one of those hot Summer days, so my only regret is that we didn’t stay longer. New Life Lavender is such a peaceful and welcoming place, and I just love the family that owns it. We enjoyed a hay wagon tour, lavender lattes, lavender cherry pie, and a stroll through the blooming lavender & wildflower fields. I came back inspired and in need of a jump in the lake šŸ˜‰ Adventures always inspire me and New Life is one of my favorite spots to have adventures.

Currently Enjoying:

Sipping homemade iced tea using the loose leaf tea that I got from New Life Lavender Farm. My two favorites are the Lemon Lavender Mint and Strawberry Lavender Red Rooibos tea. Growing up my mom would always have a big jar of tea brewing on the back porch. I’ve continued this Summer tradition by making a few batches of strong sun tea in mason jars to enjoy through the week.

Simple Summer Iced Tea Recipe:

1 quart canning jar

4 tea bags (mint, black, green tea with lemon, etc.)


Optional: fresh mint, lavender, herbs or fruit to add a twist.

Combine all ingredients in canning jar and place in a sunny spot for 2-3 hours. Remove tea bags and store in the fridge for 3-4 days….if you can keep it around that long!

Currently Reading:

A friend from book club recommended “American Dirt” to me a few weeks ago. The hold list was well over 200 so I was overjoyed to snag a copy from my lucky day stack at the local library. A powerful story of a mother and sons escape from Mexico and their journey as migrants. This book worm has been staying up way too late simultaneously enthralled, captivated, and heartbroken over this story. Good writing doesn’t just entertain us. Good writing teaches us to see the world through a new lens.

Currently Growing:

My garden is abundant with zinnias, snapdragons, bells of Ireland, and big dahlia blooms. This year I wanted to focus on cut flowers and herbs in my home garden. It’s been less work and more joy, exactly what gardening should be. Well…a little dirt never hurt. I gathered up some of the blooms this week and have been delivering to friends and neighbors. A sweet way to brighten someone’s day and a good excuse to check in with my people.

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